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J&F Consultancy is a provider of quality and up-to-date software training, specializing in Forex Trading, SAP and Financial Growth Strategizing
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Simplistic, yet Highly Effective
We break down trading into simple terms allowing the average person to be able to trade.
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About the company

J&F Consultancy is a provider of quality and up-to-date software training, specialising in Forex Trading, SAP and Financial Growth Strategizing It was formed in 2009 by a group of Project Managers who identified the urgent need for education/training which delivers financial liberalisation to all who want it.

Basic to Advanced Forex Education

Covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, you learn how to master the markets. Gain trading solutions sophisticated enough for experienced traders, yet simple enough for the beginner.

Flexible Learning

Gain 24-hour access to an ever-growing state-of-the-art forex education library, learning at your own pace.

Up to 90% accuracy* Signals

Easy-to-understand, reliable signals sent to smartphones daily (Mon - Fri).

Real Time Markets Progression Updates

Join our growing community of traders from around the globe and access better set-ups in Forex

Choose the perfect plan

Tight spreads, fast execution with minimal slippage, flexible leverage and a dedicated Support Account Manager provides you with a trading solution that suits your needs.


£ 0
  • FCA regulated
  • 24-hour service
  • Tight spreads
  • Fast execution
  • No slippages
  • Flexible leverage


12 Months Access!
  • Easily grasp the core concepts of forex trading
  • Gain understanding of the financial markets
  • Understand how different trading techniques are used in real life situations by financial market professionals
  • Gain know-how knowledge of technical analysis tools
  • Discover key trading techniques and how these can be combined to build robust and profitable trading strategies


Yearly ₤999.99
  • Join our growing family/community of traders from around the globe.
  • Use our DAILY (Mon – Fri) signals as tools to assist you in finding better setups in Forex.
  • Enjoy the pleasures of gaining access to reliable signals with OVER 90% accuracy!
  • Our signals are easy to understand, and we keep you informed of any necessary updates as informed by real time progression in the markets.

Client reviews

What people say?

If you are someone who is trying to get into Forex, believe me, you are already winning if you’ve got Mr. John of J & F Consultancy helping you out. You are going to see so much progression, you are DEFINITELY going to see PROFITS being made and you are going to learn a life skill that will never depart from you.
London, UK
Before, I had seeing J & F Consultancy on Instagram but I thought that a face-to-face training will be better so I did not register with them but instead paid someone here in Abuja to teach me. Since things were not going well with my tutor, I eventually registered with J & F Consultancy on Friday and it seemed like I did not know anything about forex despite the training sessions I had with my previous tutor. They teach really well. They make forex seem so simple. I have no regrets.
Abuja, Nigeria